Our company “Nikos Ghinis – Media Music Publishing” was founded almost 40 years ago, by director and producer Nikos Ghinis, when in 1988 he introduced for the first time the Production Music Libraries in the Greek advertising and media market. Since then, MMP has grown and its repertoire now includes some of the world’s leading Production Music Libraries which you will find included in our online search engine.
For the last 40 years we have been providing the Greece’s top advertising agencies, post production studios and radio stations with high quality production music. Furthermore our libraries have covered throughout the years the music needs of some of the most prestigious Greek television stations such as: Mega Channel, Star Channel, Ant-1, Makedonia TV and Pay TV, Alpha Channel and Alter Channel. Tracks from our libraries are being used as News Logos, main themes at the beginning and ending titles of TV-series, shows, informative and political programmes and in every other need that occurs at the daily flow of a television programme.
In addition to the above, we have worked with the most prevalent political parties of our country providing them with the music material they used in their political campaigns including public speeches and television spots. Last but not least , our company is also making sure that our clients are fully protected in terms of the legal acquisition of the music material.
Being a member of EDEM and AUTODIA (the Greek Intellectual Property Companies) and by issuing detailed applications for music license, we make sure that the client to whom the license is granted is legally covered and at the same time the beneficiaries (composers, writers, ect) are fully recompensed for the use of their work. Our aim is to meet the ever-growing needs of the advertising and media market with constantly improved services and top quality music.